Congratulations to all of our Graduates! 


Dear Families of West Hartford Pediatrics:



With spring upon us and summer approaching, we wish to join with you to celebrate during this season of graduation!  Yes, the current challenges we face during this pandemic are formidable; we could all use a good hug!  However, with time, reliable hand washing, masks, waving and chatting from a distance, and confidence, we will put this challenge behind us.  And do know that we are here with you to help in any way we can. 


To our youngest children soon to enter Kindergarten, we wish you a happy summer as you look forward to exciting learning and cool school supplies! New teachers, new friends; be kind and enjoy all the learning and fun that will come your way!


To our older children who have now completed middle school, we share your excitement and anticipation as you look forward to beginning your high school years— challenging course work, friendships, clubs, music and athletics…  with a devotion to kindness and an embrace of respect and acceptance!


To our high school seniors, Class of 2020: may your graduation be a stepping stone for your pursuit of personal growth, learning, and fulfillment; maintain a commitment to health and safety. Congratulations!  And this November, a chance to exercise your precious opportunity to vote!


And lastly to our oldest young adults graduating from college, the Class of 2020: congratulations to each of you!  You are endowed with invaluable knowledge to fuel your future endeavors; we wish for you, too, a life of happiness, truthfulness, personal achievement, love of family, and good health. Commit to voting this November; and write real letters to friends and family— so meaningful are the thoughts you share!



With our heartfelt best wishes to you all,


Tom Fromson, and all of us at West Hartford Pediatrics