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January 2023


Dear Families of West Hartford Pediatrics:


With a new year now upon us, all of us at the practice send wishes of good health and happiness!


It is my heartfelt hope that, as many illnesses continue to circulate in our community, we remain vigilant  and mindful of safety precautions to minimize our risk of becoming sick.  While RSV infections have decreased significantly, Influenza and Covid19 infections remain quite high.  A new, highly infectious strain of Covid19 has arrived; we cannot be too careful.  Please consider these measures:


1.     regular hand washing, especially upon returning home from shopping or school, or taking mass transportation.  Continue to wear masks when riding mass transportation, during airplane travel;  when riding in an Uber; when shopping in crowded stores, attending religious services or concerts, or waiting to be seated at a restaurant.   Wearing a mask  indicates an awareness of illness potential, and a devotion to your health and  to the health of your families. 



2.   If you or your child has not yet done so, please get vaccinated against influenza and Covid19:  the intent for both vaccines is to minimize the risk of severe disease— the vaccines remain very good at doing that!


Lastly, we are so grateful to all of you for your patience and understanding as many of our team have been absent during these last few weeks.   We remain committed to providing appropriate testing, and continue to wear masks in the office— asking you to share in this protective measure while at your child’s visit. And we will continue to provide appropriate testing in anticipation of your visit. Again— many thanks for your understanding!


With warm regards,  


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